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How the freeze-dried magic gets made

Did you know extreme levels of heat sucks your dog’s food of its natural nutrients and flavour?

It’s okay. We’ve found a solution.

Stored at room temperature

What is freeze-drying?

Freeze-drying works by extracting water from food, rather than using extreme levels of heat to cook it.

This process allows the food to remain microbiologically raw while at the same time, lowering the risk of bacteria or contamination.


Fresh human-grade ingredients are blended and moulded into small tasty bite-sized nuggets


Next, we quick-freeze the nuggets to lock in all the natural goodness.


And finally, dried by removing 98% of the moisture. No special storage – simply store it in your kitchen cabinet.

What is cold-pressing?

Cold-pressing is where you cook food at a low temperature to preserve as many natural nutrients as possible.

Unlike freeze-dried food, cold-pressed food isn’t technically still raw, but it does offer a very similar nutritional profile.


We begin by mixing your dog’s blend of meat, vegetables and fruit together with cold water


The ingredients are then gently pressed under a low temperature (42-47 °C) for a few seconds, sealing in the natural nutrients and flavour


The mixture is finally moulded into tasty pellets, fit for your dog’s consumption

Flavours for every fussy eater

Keep your dog’s tastebuds on their toes with chicken, beef or salmon.

Freeze-dried raw food - Chicken

£3.05 a day (based on a 10kg dog)

Freeze-dried raw food - Beef

£3.05 a day (based on a 10kg dog)

Cold-pressed food - Fish

£1.18 a day (based on a 10kg dog)

Cold-pressed food - Chicken

£1.18 a day (based on a 10kg dog)

100% human-grade

We use the same human-grade ingredients that
you put on your plate. No preservatives, no fillers, no artificial nonsense.