Hydration Tips For Active Dogs In Summer

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The Importance of Hydration in Summer

Summer is a fantastic time for outdoor adventures with your dog. Whether it’s a long walk in the countryside, a run on the beach, or a simple game of fetch, staying active is great for your dog’s health. 

However, the heat of summer also brings the risk of dehydration, which can be dangerous for dogs. Ensuring your active dog stays properly hydrated is crucial for their wellbeing. 

Shockingly, 1 in 4 pet parents admit they wouldn’t be able to spot the signs of heat exhaustion in their dog. By the end of this blog, you’ll have learned my top tips for how to keep your dog hydrated during summer, as well as knowing how to recognise the signs of heat exhaustion in your dog.

James Middleton's dogs sat behind a dog water bowl in garden

Always have fresh water available and hydrate their diet

The simplest way to keep your dog hydrated is by providing constant access to fresh, clean water. Ensure their water bowl at home is always filled and cleaned regularly. When you’re out and about, bring a portable water bottle and collapsible bowl, offering frequent water breaks, especially if your dog is panting heavily or playing vigorously. 

Additionally, incorporating moisture into their diet can help during the warmer months. Adding water, bone broth, or certain fruits and vegetables to their food can provide an extra hydration boost. 

Ensuring your dog is fed a high-quality, protein-rich diet is vital, especially during the warmer months. High-protein diets help to stimulate water intake and can reduce the risks of urinary tract issues. You can even boost your dog’s meals with a high-protein topper – this is a great way to benefit your dog without changing their whole diet.

James Middleton's dogs sitting in front of dog water bowl station on a walk

Hydration stations and monitoring water intake

For large gardens or long walks, set up multiple hydration stations. Place water bowls in shaded areas around your garden or stop for water breaks during your walk. This encourages your dog to take regular breaks and hydrate without having to wait until they are back inside or at the end of the walk. 

Also, monitor your dog’s water intake closely. Dogs need about 60ml of water per kilo of body weight each day, and active dogs or those in hot weather may require even more. If you notice your dog isn’t drinking enough, try flavouring the water with a little dog-friendly bone broth to make it more enticing.

For those extra hot days, set up a shaded area with a paddling pool in your garden. Fill it with fresh water and add fruit or treats for a fun, cooling enrichment game that keeps your dog hydrated and happy!

 Be mindful of exercise times

To prevent dehydration, schedule your dog’s exercise sessions during the cooler parts of the day, such as early morning or late evening. Avoid vigorous activities during peak heat hours, typically between 10am and 4pm when the summer sun is at its strongest. 

Additionally, keep exercise sessions shorter than usual and monitor your dog closely for signs of overheating or exhaustion.

brown cocker spaniel lying in hay panting in heat

Recognise the signs of heat exhaustion

It’s crucial to know the signs of dehydration in dogs so you can act quickly if needed. Common symptoms include:

  • Excessive panting

  • Drooling

  • Discoloured gums

  • Rapid heart rate

  • Lethargy or weakness

  • Vomiting or diarrhoea

  • Muscle tremors or seizures

Severe dehydration may require veterinary attention, however with heat exhaustion, time is of the essence, so it’s recommended to cool them down first and then contact your vet. 

If you suspect your dog is dehydrated or suffering from heat exhaustion, it’s important to act fast:

  • Offer water in small amounts but don’t worry if they don’t drink straight away.

  • Wet a tea towel and drape it over their back.

  • Slowly pour room temperature water over their neck and abdomen to help bring down their body temperature.

  • If you have a car, turn on the air conditioning and place them on the back seat. Alternatively, use a fan if you have one to generate cool airflow.

Once your dog is starting to cool down, immediately call your vet and arrange to take them in for a check over or treatment. 

black cocker spaniel wet in summer sun lying on grass

Ensuring a hydrated and happy Summer for your dog

Keeping your active dog hydrated during the summer is essential for their health and wellbeing. By following my top tips, you can help prevent dehydration and ensure your dog enjoys all the fun and excitement that summer has to offer. 

Remember, a well-hydrated dog is a happy and healthy dog. Stay vigilant, stay prepared, and make hydration a top priority for your dog this summer!

James x


James' Top Tip

For those extra hot days, set up a shaded area with a paddling pool in your garden. Fill it with fresh water and add fruit or treats for a fun, cooling enrichment game that keeps your dog hydrated and happy!

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