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  • Why can’t I add a trial or one-time purchase to my cart?

    In order to add a food item to your cart, make sure all the required fields are filled out like they are in the screenshot below. (For the dog weight, make sure a whole number is inputted with no other letters or symbols). Once the required fields are filled out, you’ll be able to add…

  • How many calories are in James & Ella’s Freeze-dried Treats?

    Below is the calorie information for James & Ella’s Freeze-dried treats: Free-run Chicken: 494 kcal/100g Country Game: 509 kcal/100g

  • What are the benefits of feeding freeze-dried treats?

    James & Ella’s freeze-dried treats are extremely nutrient-dense, and 100% raw. This makes them extremely delicious, and the perfect high-value reward, making training so much easier!

  • What are freeze-dried treats?

    James & Ella’s freeze-dried treats are a unique complementary food for your dog. We combine natural, locally sourced ingredients together and freeze the mixture to lock in nutrients. We then remove the moisture without the use of heat. This results in deliciously nutrient-dense, raw treats which are perfect for training!

  • How to store Kibble + Raw food?

    The great thing about our products is they’re incredibly convenient, there is no freezing or defrosting necessary – simply store in your kitchen cupboard. Once opened, be sure to store our food in the storage bag supplied, keeping the bag sealed using the zip closure to lock in freshness. Or place the storage bag into…

  • How do I serve Kibble + Raw Puppy?

    Simply weigh and pour the correct amount of Kibble + Raw into your dog’s bowl and feed. It couldn’t be easier! Although soaking the food isn’t mandatory, some puppies may find it easier to eat.

  • Should I soak Kibble + Raw Puppy?

    Soaking Kibble + Raw Puppy isn’t mandatory, however some puppies (especially small breeds) might find it easier to eat if it has been softened slightly prior to feeding. If you’d like to soak your puppy’s food first, we recommend to pour a enough hot (not boiling) water to just cover the food in your puppy’s…

  • How is Kibble + Raw Puppy different to Kibble + Raw?

    James & Ella’s Kibble + Raw Puppy recipe has been carefully formulated by nutritionists to ensure it provides all of the essential nutrients that growing, healthy puppies require. It’s also slightly higher in protein to support healthy growth and development from a young age.

  • Is Kibble + Raw Puppy suitable for weaning?

    No, James & Ella’s Kibble + Raw Puppy is suitable for puppies from 8 weeks of age. However, our Cold-pressed food is suitable for weaning puppies from 4 weeks of age!

  • How should I introduce Kibble + Raw to my puppy?

    We always recommend that new diets are introduced slowly and carefully to avoid upset tummies. Start by replacing 25% of your puppy’s previous diet with James & Ella’s Kibble + Raw Puppy, and gradually increase the amount of cold-pressed over 7-10 days. You could also choose to transition by meal a 50/50 split, ie breakfast (previous food)…

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