FAQ Category: Air-dried Treats

  • Is your packaging eco-friendly?

    Yes, our treats packaging is completely plastic-free and recyclable

  • How many calories are in James’ treats?

    Below is how many calories are in each (single) treat: Air-Dried Chicken: 8.75 kcal Air-Dried Game: 8.15 kcal Air-Dried Fish: 6.5 kcal (low fat) *The weight and size of each treat may vary, estimate given at approximately 2.5g per treat

  • Where are your products made?

    All of our products are made in the UK. We manufacture across two sites, one in Yorkshire and the other in Norfolk. Norfolk being where our freeze-dried food is made, and Yorkshire our cold pressed.

  • What flavours are available?

    We offer two tasty flavours of our Freeze-dried food: free-range chicken and grass-fed beef. We have two flavours of our Cold pressed food: Free-range chicken and Ocean fish. We have three flavours available for our treats: Chicken, Game and Fish. We’re working hard to launch a full range as we continue to grow, and we’d…

  • What is air-drying?

    Air-drying works by gently removing the moisture from the raw ingredients. Preserving the natural nutrients, and producing extremely nutrient-dense treats.

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