How much is a box of Ella’s freeze-dried raw?

This depends, as your orders are personalised to your dog. After your trial, we send you the most appropriate sized bag and calculate how long we think it will last you, based on your recommended portion sizes. You can review or amend your plan anytime via your account.

So is James & Ella a monthly subscription? Not quite… Take a look at the examples below to see what we would send you and when.

  • Small adult (5kg) 4kg lasts 49 days = £1.96 per day

  • Medium adult (18kg) 6kg lasts 28 days = £5.09 per day

  • Large adult (35kg) 10kg lasts 29 days = £8.39 per day

*based on feeding James & Ella’s freeze-dried raw as your dog’s main meal.

As a part of your James & Ella subscription, you’ll receive 20% off every order + free delivery. Our subscription packages are:

  • 4kg box = £128

  • 6kg box = £192

  • 10kg box =£320

We also sell 4kg one time purchase boxes for £159.99 and free shipping.

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