How it works

How it works

Give back to your dog, with the best in dog nutrition.
Delivered to your door.

We take the work out of your dog’s food

Start your trial and let your dog
be the judge – with 25% off!

Enter your dog’s details on our website: simply tell us their name, age and weight. We’ll then calculate a 14-day trial, perfectly portioned to your dog’s needs! Your dog’s new diet is delivered to your door, along with a bespoke feeding guide and storage bag.

My dog’s a fan!
So what’s my plan?

After your 14-day trial, you roll onto our easy subscription plan with 20% off. We calculate exactly how much your dog needs and dispatch the right amount on a rolling plan, with free delivery every time. Your first full subscription comes with a free enamel measuring mug for easy portion control!

Want to change your delivery frequency, flavour or the quantity of food you’re sent? Simply send us an email or text and we’ll adjust to suit your needs.

As flexible as downward dog

Whether you’re going on holiday, receiving too much food, or have a change of heart – you can pause, delay or cancel any time.

You can also contact us for any changes to your delivery address, to add treats to your next order, or to announce the arrival of a new puppy joining the Ella & Co pack!

What our pet parents say

Slide A glossy-coated dog stands in the snow five orange stars symbolising best reviews for Ella & Co dog food I have just reached the end of my trial and started on a subscription for cold-press food. My dog Billie loves it! Also, really handy to have a subscription which I can adjust so we never run out of food. Georgie – mum to Billie Slide A muscly rescue lurcher stands on a pebble beach five orange stars symbolising best reviews for Ella & Co dog food He loved it right away. But better than that, his itchy red skin settled down, he no longer scratches all the time and his digestion is normal. Regular home delivery makes life easy for me too. Judy – mom to Rodney Slide A smiling healthy dog sits in a field of grass five orange stars symbolising best reviews for Ella & Co dog food Excellent products and excellent service. Since starting to feed my dog freeze dried raw food from Ella & Co, I have noticed a significant improvement in her overall condition. The repeat order system also works extremely well. David – dad to Molly

Your questions, answered

After your two week trial is complete, you’ll roll onto your flexible subscription. We time the delivery of your first full-sized box to arrive with you before you run out. We’ll also send a reminder so you can delay, pause or cancel. It’s as easy as that!

How it’s made:

Both our freeze-dried and cold-pressed recipes use high quality, human-grade ingredients. The only difference is in the way they are made.

Cold-pressing uses low temperatures to gently press the food. Whereas freeze-drying removes 98% of the water using no heat, leaving a microbiologically raw nugget.

Both processes retain the natural nutrients, oils and flavours for your dog’s benefit.


Freeze-drying is a more complex process than cold-pressing and requires more complex equipment. As a result, the end-product is priced differently.


Both foods are room temperature stable and can be stored in the cupboard! No freezing, no thawing, no special storage required.


Our cold-pressed food is suitable for puppies from 4 weeks of age. For young puppies, we recommend soaking the pellets in warm water for 10 minutes before serving to make a slurry. We would recommend freeze-dried food for dogs that are fully grown.

Feeding your dog a healthy, nutritious diet will help to improve their overall health and wellbeing in lots of ways! Because the cold-pressing technique uses very low temperatures, the food retains its natural nutrients and oils.

  • Glossier coat: Retention of natural omega and essential oils help to hydrate the skin barrier.
  • Perfect for fussy eaters: Rich meaty flavours offer the fantastic taste of raw feeding.
  • Easier to digest: Cold-pressing reduces bacteria levels in the food, which makes it perfect for delicate tummies.
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