FAQ Category: Freeze-Dried Raw Food

  • How do I measure my dog’s food?

    In order to avoid over or under feeding, we recommend to weigh out your dog’s meals by using some accurate kitchen scales. However, if you’re going on holiday or in a rush, the measuring mug is a handy tool to use if you’re unable to weigh out the food. A full, level mug holds 80g…

  • Do you offer one-time purchases?

    We do! Simply head to either the cold-pressed or freeze-dried food page, and select ‘One-time purchase’. Pop your dog’s details in, add to cart and then you can checkout. Remember, the most cost effective way to feed your dog James & Ella is to purchase a 14-day trial order with 25% off. Subscriptions are super…

  • Where are your products made?

    All of our products are made in the UK. We manufacture across two sites, one in Yorkshire and the other in Norfolk. Norfolk being where our freeze-dried food is made, and Yorkshire our cold pressed.

  • Is James & Ella’s freeze-dried raw suitable for puppies?

    James & Ella’s freeze-dried raw food is not recommended for puppies. This is due to the food’s high-calorie density, and to avoid puppies becoming too full, or overfeeding at a young age as it’s incredibly tasty and hard to resist. Once your puppy reaches 10+ months they’ll be ready to subscribe to a freeze-dried food…

  • What flavours are available?

    We offer two tasty flavours of our Freeze-dried food: free-range chicken and grass-fed beef. We have two flavours of our Cold pressed food: Free-range chicken and Ocean fish. We have three flavours available for our treats: Chicken, Game and Fish. We’re working hard to launch a full range as we continue to grow, and we’d…

  • How much is a box of Ella’s freeze-dried raw?

    This depends, as your orders are personalised to your dog. After your trial, we send you the most appropriate sized bag and calculate how long we think it will last you, based on your recommended portion sizes. You can review or amend your plan anytime via your account. So is James & Ella a monthly…

  • Are your products hypoallergenic and what does hypoallergenic mean?

    Yes, James & Ella’s freeze-dried and cold-pressed foods are hypoallergenic, this means they do not contain ingredients most likely to cause food intolerances in dogs. These include soy, dairy, egg, wheat and artificial additives. If you know a certain ingredient triggers your dog’s allergy, let us know at james@ella.co and we can help.

  • Do you have sample packs?

    Unfortunately we don’t currently have samples available, but we do offer trials of the food – which provides enough food for your dog to try. You can sign up for these on our website on the product page. Subscriptions can be cancelled before the rolling onto the first full size order.  

  • Feeding Cold-pressed alongside Freeze-dried food

    James & Ella’s cold-pressed food can be served alongside James & Ella’s freeze-dried raw food! Though cold-pressed is not inherently raw, it digests at a similar rate to raw food due to its unique cooking method! This method is called cold-pressing and it works by combining our delicious, nutritious ingredients into a pellet-sized mould, and…

  • How to store Freeze-dried food?

    The great thing about our freeze-dried products is they’re incredibly convenient, there is no freezing or defrosting necessary – simply store in your kitchen cupboard. Freeze-dried products have an excellent shelf life and can be stored for years! But once opened, be sure to place the freeze-dried nuggets in the storage bag supplied keeping the…

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